QONQR: The Geosocial Game of World Domination

"What is best in life #QLegion? To crush your enemies. To see them driven before you. To hear the lamentation of their faction leaders. #Qsmack - @Legion_WarGhoul


The World. In Play.

You can battle for control of 3 million Battle Zones in over 250 countries! From remote Himalayan villages to San Francisco's Mission District, there are Battle Zones in play everywhere, with more being added every day!


The Power Is In Your Hands

When you enlist, you will join one of three FACTIONS, and help that faction capture Battle Zones by using your mobile device to deploy NANOBOT swarms. The FACTION with the most bots in a zone controls that zone, and your faction-mates can build bases and harvest resources with greater efficiency. Level up and eventually earn the ability to attack remote zones with Long-Range Nanobot Deployment Missiles!


A Little Help From Your Friends

No one can QONQR alone! That's where the social part of geosocial comes into play. From recruiting friends and sharing resources, to coordinating raids via social networks, QONQR connects gamers.