What is Sync Lock?

Scopes that spend too much time in proximity become susceptible to Synchronization Lock. Sync Lock is a virus that can infect scopes, causing them to combine overheat metrics, resulting in rapid overheat on both scopes. Scopes become susceptible to “Synchronization Lock” when deployments happen together, within the same GPS proximity. Scopes that have been jail broken or rooted have greater risk of being infected based on common launch patterns. All players are issued a Sync Lock packet daily. Players can attempt to sync lock two opponents by sending the sync packet pair to the targeted players. If the scopes can be infected, the packet pair will return indicating the outcome of the Sync Lock attempt. Returned packets can be reused to infect additional players. If the two scopes cannot be paired for sync, the packets will be destroyed in the process. There is no limit to the number of players that can be infected with the same packet if it is not destroyed. Players can purchase a new packet for qredits if they are unwilling to wait until a new packet is issued the next day to infect more players. Players can protect themselves from Sync Lock infection by purchasing inoculations in the depot or by becoming “Elite”.


Players that rarely play in the same location as other players should have no concern for being infected by Sync Lock. It may take some good coordination, but family and work friends can avoid sync lock without buying anti-virus through well-coordinated attacks when apart.

Players that are in danger of getting Sync Locked are players who have 50 % of their launches in the previous 24 hours within 15 minutes of another player (into the same zone) and who are between 50 meters and 2 km (depending on your GPS reporting).


If you are a family who plays together legitimately and get Sync Locked, we have created the ability to “Break Sync Lock” without the need to buy inoculations. Break the lock by launching away from each other (or separating by time – currently 15 minutes). If you are infected with Sync Lock, you can visit https://portal.qonqr.com/SyncLock. You will see an indicator letting you know you are currently infected. Clicking this link will take you to the summary screen that will show you who you are infected with, and the time left before the infection expires. Here you will have the option to attempt to break the lock, or purchase inoculation.


If you click “Break Lock”, the same process that was used to lock you, will be re-run. If the Sync test fails, the Sync Lock will be broken. If the test indicates that you should be still Sync Locked, the lock will remain in place.

A new chart has been added to help families understand how close they are to passing the Sync Lock threshold. If either player passes 100% vulnerability, the two players can be Sync Locked to each other. The chart extends to a maximum of 200% to give players an idea of just how badly they are currently over the threshold, and which of the two players must exhibit more independent launches.


Players infected with Sync Lock can revisit this chart as often as they like to see their progress of moving there launches below the 100% vulnerability. Both players must be below 100% vulnerability to be unlocked. Purchasing anti-virus doesn’t lower your vulnerability, it protects your overheat. An inoculated player may have to take action to help their partner get unlocked.  Be careful with your launches after you break the lock.  The player who locked you will be notified you broke the lock and will probably attempt to sync you again in the hopes that you slipped back over the 100% mark.

To protect player privacy, these charts are only visible if both players have checked the new setting for “Allow Launch Data Review” in Account Settings. Additionally players can only see these charts if they are currently infected with each other. These charts are not available for players who are not infected. This should avoid any concern of enemies using these charts to triangulate another player’s location in the real world. If this is a concern for you, do not enable the “Allow Launch Data Review” option. You can still break the lock without this option checked, but you and the other player to whom you are Sync Locked will not be able to see the gauges or information on launch counts.