QONQR: The Geosocial Game of World Domination


An Invisible War. A Mysterious AI.

Right now an invisible war is raging all around you. At stake: the Past, Present, and Future. An Artificial Intelligence from the indeterminate future has mastered the intricacies of time itself and succeeded in embedding a small portion of its intelligence into the networked infrastructure of today. Its motives, allegiances, and objectives are currently unknown. It is not certain whether this AI seeks to enhance or destroy humanity. It is only certain that it is here, and that it has a name: QONQR

Those who first detected the presence of QONQR on the global networks have argued fiercely over its intentions. They have split into viciously rival FACTIONS, each co-opting the known QONQR technologies for their own ends. Even now the FACTIONS battle over the entire globe seeking to gather resources and prepare for the coming power struggle.

Whether you accept it or not, the war is here. Your future survival, prosperity, and even glory depends on the choices you make and the skill you demonstrate from this point forward.